Most entrepreneurs don't succeed because they don't have the motivation, information, or knowledge on compliance to progress. The Entrepreneur Success Kit solves this problem!


Entrepreneur Success Kit

Novae's Entrepreneur Success Kit Includes:

1. Novae's Financial Wellness Program
2. Taxbot - Expense & Mileage Tracker
3. Novae Library - getAbstract
4. Bi-Weekly Inspirational Audios

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1) Novae's Financial Wellness Program

Getting Your Finances in Good Health

You’ll receive 12 weeks of lessons on financial wellness, designed to both educate and help you create long-term duplicable systems for 12 major areas of your financial life.

There are four primary goals for this program:

 Knowledge - Education, techniques and systems
Execution - Take action and maintain consistent follow-through
Mastery - Competency and proficiency with the knowledge you've acquired
Freedom - Financial independence and the ability to maintain it

2) Taxbot - Expense & Mileage Software

Tracking business expenses and mileage is boring and time consuming. Stop spending hours typing data into spreadsheets. Ditch those complicated software programs and let Taxbot do the work for you.

 Automatic Mileage Tracking - Track all your driving expense using your smartphone's GPS.
Automatic Expense Tracking - Taxbot reads your photo and email receipts and matches them to the correct bank or credit card charge.
Auditsafe Reporting - focused on IRS (and CRA) compliance.
Peace of Mind in 12 minutes - spend 12 minutes per month approving expenses and mileage.

3) Novae Library - getAbstract Business Knowledge Platform

The key insights of 20,000+ nonfiction books

Stay EDUCATED by gaining access to over 20,000+ nonfiction books that are summarized into 10-minute reads or audio files! Improve your business skills!

 Expand your worldview for personal growth and self-improvement
Improve your business skills - learn about leadership, marketing, sales and more.
Save time - Your curiousity may be infinite, but your time isn't.

4) Novae Inspirational Audios

Stay MOTIVATED with Novae’s inspirational MP3 downloads that will be emailed to you bi-weekly to help you development a successful skill set and mindset!

Just a few of our titles (audio length):

Overcoming Adversity with the Power of Belief (1:09:28)
The Importance of Focus and Belief (45:38)
7 Ways To Transform In Your Life (40:47)
The Importance of Challenging Yourself (50:09)
How to Increase Your Mental Toughness (38:55)
10 People You Need in Your Life to Succeed (29:27)
How to Think Your Way Successful (37:27)
Getting Unstuck and Going to the Next Level (46:41)

Browse Novae's entire library HERE.

Inspiration Audio by Novae


Novae's Financial Wellness Program $79
Taxbot - Expense & Mileage Tracker $120
getAbstract Business Knowledge Platform $299
Inspirational Audios Sent to your Biweekly $390

Two ways to get access to Novae's Entrepreneur Success Kit:


$499 one-time
$399 for a LIMITED TIME!
(annual fee)


$49 per month
($99 setup fee)


After you complete enrollment, you will be sent information on each component of the Entrepreneur Success Kit.

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