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Novae Personal Finance gives clients access to a:

Debt Elimination Software

Budgeting Application

Virtual Finance Coach

AND 12 weeks of Financial Education emails

Program Software Details

Eliminate Your Personal Debt

  • Pay down your debts in 50 – 75% faster time with our software
  • View all your credit card, loan, and bank accounts in one place
  • Get a specific personalized game plan for your situation
  • Improve your credit score as your debt level decreases
  • Become debt free and start investing into your future

Organize Your Household Budgeting

  • Get focused on your future financial goals
  • See where your money is going and take control
  • Get help organizing your spending and savings
  • Easier conversations with your significant other about money
  • Learn to save effectively for unexpected and expected costs

You will also receive a 12-Week Virtual Financial Education via email!

These lessons on financial wellness are designed to both educate and help you create long-term duplicable systems for 12 major areas of your financial life.

Week 1 - Inventory of Your Life
Balance Sheets/Assets and Liabilities/Easy-to-Use Worksheet and More As with any journey, you must know the starting point as well as the desired destination.
Week 2 - Setting a Budget
Expenses/Income/Tracking Spending/Family Budget Worksheet and More Through forecasting (budgeting) you’ll learn efficient spending habits and track monthly earnings and spending to ensure success in wealth building.
Week 3 - Taxes
Tax Savings/Legitimate Write-Offs/Business and Family Tax Planning and More Your tax deductions and appropriate use of business structure will help retain thousands of dollars in your pocket.
Week 4 - Getting Out of Debt
Apply a 5-Step Process to Get Out of Debt and More Learn how to get out of consumer debt in half the time. Plus, learn how to leverage certain types of debt.
Week 5 - Kids
Allowances and Responsible Spending and Saving/College/Paying to Work (tax advantages)/Planning for the Future and More Our goal is to teach responsible parenting of a financially literate child.
Week 6 - Creating Long-Term Wealth Overview
Investing/Saving/Stocks/Entrepreneurship/Real Estate and More Discover tools to create sustainable wealth through strategic investing.
Week 7 - Asset Protection
Legal Structures/Insurance Needs/Personal and Business Inventory/Having a Will and More In essence, putting all your financial affairs in order, plus having a backup of all irreplaceable possessions, including photographs and legal documents.
Week 8 - Creating Long-Term Wealth through Investing/Saving/Stocks
CDs/Treasury Bills/Annuities/Tax-Free Savings/Buying, Selling and Holding Stocks – Long- and Short-Term This involves the ins and outs of both securing and creating wealth by joint venturing with other companies (through purchasing of stocks, mutual funds and other outside investments).
Week 9 - Creating Long-Term Wealth through Entrepreneurship
Starting and Running a Business/Incorporating/Taxes/Team of Advisors and More Many businesses are run like a hobby instead of a profitable business. We focus on aspects related to operating a profitable business that can create both short- and long-term wealth.
Week 10 - Creating Long-Term Wealth through Real Estate
Property Ownership/Rentals/Buying/Selling Learn how to start the process of investing in real estate (as an active and/or passive investor).
Week 11 - Retirement
IRA/Investing/Tax-Free Planning/Benefactors Discover traditional strategies as well as ideas on how to self-direct your IRA to use for creative investing.
Week 12 - Estate Planning
Trust/Wills/Asset Relocation/Plan Recap/Future Goals Sustainable wealth is predictable with a wealth plan, leadership and a solid wealth foundation. Proper estate planning ensures your wealth is not only transferred to future generations but also sustained.

PLEASE NOTE: As with any financial and/or legal information, it is important that we issue a disclaimer. As you know, you have ultimate responsibility for all the decisions you will be making over the course of the next 12 weeks and beyond. The Financial Wellness Program is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is offered with the understanding that the authors and publisher are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, you should seek the services of a competent professional person or company.

The principles and philosophies that we share are simply guidelines. Since we have participants from all over the country, the advice needs to be weighed and considered in context. If you find it valuable, be sure to tailor it to your individual situation.

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