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A Plan for Social Justice & Progress – GUARANTEED!

2020 has been a year like no other. It has brought us unparalleled danger, as well as unparalleled opportunity for real change.

With the uprising triggered by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers still going strong, there have been many heartening changes to local municipal laws around the country. But we all know it’s not nearly enough. To produce real justice for the Black community, we must have equal economic power and equal access to education – and those are goals that seem lightyears away.

Although police reform is a very hot topic and deserves national attention, there are other subjects we must not ignore while we have the national and even global stage. If these matters are not addressed, social justice and progress, in totality, will never be reached!

Fortunately, Reco McDaniel McCambry has a plan. As one of the top entrepreneurs and financial educators in America, he’s spent his professional life helping Black families to initiate a foundation for generational wealth and motivating Black entrepreneurs to realize seemingly impossible goals.

Now, McCambry brings his financial and motivational skills to the cause of racial justice. THE PLAN contained within these pages includes a blueprint that anyone can take to forward economic equality, fairer legislation, and transformational change for our black communities nationwide; even across the world.


  1. ENDING POLICE BRUTALITY: Local to national plan
  2. THE FATHERLESS EPIDEMIC: It's impact and it's origins
  3. FINANCIAL EDUCATION: Foundation to generational change
  4. BLACK ENTERTAINMENT: What entertains us trains us
  5. FIERCE LEADERSHIP: The essential skills to become a leader
  6. POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT: How we change the law
  8. A TRUE PLAN FOR REPARATIONS: What we're owed


Reco McDaniel McCambry, M.B.A.
Reco McDaniel McCambry

Despite humble beginnings and growing up in a single parent home, today Reco McDaniel McCambry is a serial entrepreneur and honors M.B.A. graduate who has founded four multimillion-dollar companies and has been voted among the top 10% of direct-selling CEOs globally. He’s a member of the Forbes Business Council, the Golden Key International Society, and Beta Gamma Sigma, the #1 business honor society in the world. Recognized for his strong leadership, he also serves on the Leadership Council of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) out of Washington, D.C. In addition to many other honors, he has been recognized multiple times since 2008 in Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, a publication highlighting some of the most accomplished African Americans in and around Atlanta, GA.

Understanding what it takes firsthand to go from the projects to prosperity, Reco has been inspired to help others reach a life of success as well. He now seeks to use his platform to promote social justice, progress, and true reparations for the Black community, using both the skills of the business world and of community organizing. For more information on Reco, visit


THE PLAN will not only present ideas, but TRUE APPLICABLE STEPS for the reader to take to initiate change in his or her own life immediately!

THE PLAN WORKBOOK will assist the reader as he or she completes each chapter to start implementing what was just read.

The Plan

What can you expect from the Workbook?

Here's what you will complete:

  • Journaling and self-reflection exercises to help you see how racism has affected you and your loved ones - and how you can counteract its effects.

  • A financial plan to increase your income, educate you on the power of credit, pay off your debt, and start building wealth now.

  • A political plan to use every tool at your disposal to put pressure on local, state, and federal politicians to support police reform, reparations, and more.

  • A community plan to support your local Black activists, businesses, artists, and more.

  • And finally a mental plan to help you become the best version of yourself.

Those who dedicate themselves to completing this program will find that it offers limitless opportunities for growth. Because this work is never-ending, this workbook program can be completed over and over again with ongoing benefits to your personal growth and your community.


The Plan: A true blue print for change and success

Written by: An Instrument
While reading The Plan: I have become enraged and ready to fight the right way. I have been flabbergasted because of the extent of disenfranchisement that we as a people experience in this country, even though I love the ideal of this country, to this day. The too few success stories do not bury the problem. I have teared up feeling the pain and confusion of the suffering simply because of greed and the misplaced hatred of a skin color. But I am also inspired and encouraged because I absolutely know that what the author is talking about, is possible.

Reco McDaniel McCambry has written an insightful, enlightening, extremely educational work here. It is no nonsense and straight forward. It promises a lot but with Faith married to discipline and an intention to see it through - it can be actualized.

I can see that for some it may feel overwhelming, especially with the lay out of the plan for Generational Wealth. But as He says, ‘We must get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ and begin to make the changes we need for our community.

Do yourself and your family a favor, invest in this book today!

BookLife by Publisher's Weekly

In this accessible, encouraging guide, CEO McCambry (The Fatherless Father) calls for his fellow Black Americans to create “true justice, power, and prosperity” for all Black people. The book, which begins with a dedication to a 13-page list of Black people killed by police, discusses “steps each of us can take today, and every day, to transform our communities and claim the prosperity that is our birthright” through ending police murder of Black people, building up Black men and boys, creating prosperity for the next generation, becoming politically involved in making lasting legal changes, and “uplift[ing] the national and global Black communities—not just individuals and isolated families.” Each chapter begins with an overview of its topic (e.g., historical Black-owned banks, recent police brutality, the effects of racism on self-efficacy) and activists’ proposals regarding issues like police brutality and reparations; some also include brief profiles of exemplars like Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman.

By using pronouns such as "we" and "us," McCambry builds a sense of camaraderie with the reader. His tone is inviting and encouraging, rather than preachy. The well-organized chapters, accessible explanations of concepts, and clear prose make this book approachable and appealing.

While McCambry writes approvingly of Malcolm X and the authors of the 8 to Abolition platform, ultimately he’s focused in this volume on practical changes related to parenting, voting, financial literacy, and so on. This isn’t aimed at radical readers or calling to burn it all down; McCambry clearly wants his readers to be safe and thriving. While his focus on business and money may not initially appeal to all readers, McCambry’s love for Black people and sincere desire to help others shine through on every page of this book.

I loved what he said about failing forward. Even if we don't meet the big goals, we would indeed be further ahead of where we are now in America. This is a beautiful, quick read that will leave you wanting to make an impact.

Timely Read, While Looking Forward

Written by: Florence Chavez

At the end of 2020, I have found "The Plan" by Reco McCambry to be particularly timely and important as I finish out the year. I'm considering how I can move forward and make a difference in the years to come. This year has been an opportunity to see where I need to grow. It has been a year to recognize my privilege by being white, and learn how I can best support those around me who are not.

McCambry shares about his own experience with race and particularly the criminal justice system. He shares not only a personal viewpoint, but also a well balanced academic viewpoint. He wants us to reform the system to best serve those who need help the most. I loved reading his writing and finished this book rather quickly. I have made an effort to look and learn from those who are not like me. I loved reading books like "White Fragility," "Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria" and would place this as a natural next step in that conversation. I am currently working to become part of organizations and to support causes that are working to promote the kind of change McCambry talks about. I want to act, rather than simply discuss.

I loved what he said about failing forward. Even if we don't meet the big goals, we would indeed be further ahead of where we are now in America. This is a beautiful, quick read that will leave you wanting to make an impact.

A much needed read in 2020 and beyond

Written by: Stacey V

Reco McCambry has made a successful life as an entrepreneur, since a very early age. His success is undeniable and impressive. Like so many, though, there came a point where he, as a black man in America, he knew there was so much more that he could do to improve the lives of other people in our country.

The Plan is very well written, and is a perfect call to action for those who see social justice as a real, palpable issue in our country. I have always seen the struggle of the black community, and especially in 2020 have been very vocal for my support for social justice. The Plan is a definite blueprint on how we can make actual change for communities of color. I was inspired by the author's own story, but am heartbroken about the disenfranchisement that so many experience as they just try to survive in so many communities. The author really painted a palpable picture of the struggle, and he made a call to action by laying out what We can do as members of other communities to make the social justice movement even stronger.

While not an emotionally easy read, The Plan is appropriately serious in laying it all out there. It will not (and has not) been an easy road, but it must be done. Terrific read!

Very informative and much needed!

Written by: Shani K

After a year of complete and utter upheaval, I have to say I've been wary of so much. I've been vastly curious about reform due to current events. That's why I can appreciate this book. The author takes the time to not only give solid examples from personal experience but educate the reader. The plan that he puts forth is one that is achievable if community leaders take the steps necessary to bring the movement closer to the common goal. Even though the author could have very easily made this a more personal look at social justice, he has really broken it down so well into a solid plan. It's really quite enlightening, well thought out, and motivating. It's time that we stand up and look at the encouragement this book offers to be vocal and demanding of change.

I can’t think of a better time for this!!

Written by: Carleen M

This was an excellent read! I was truly hesitant at first because there has been so many arguments and spewed hatred on both sides of the line. I did not feel any sense of hate amongst these pages. The author does an excellent job of providing intellectual data to support his comments. There are so many great points and interesting ideas that he has for what reform can be for all. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is just tired of the constant back and forth with hate. It is most definitely a great read and wonderful bit for discussion especially now!

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