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“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free.” – David Meerman Scott

We offer amazing short-form video design for businesses of any type - small or large.

Give your brand motion and sound...

Graphic Design and Branding

Choose from 3 plans to best suit your business needs:


Video Creation
up to 60 seconds

Video Design

Uniquely made video, featuring all requested elements of your brand and messaging. Post it on your website and social media platforms.

One-Time Fee


Video Creation
up to 2 minutes

Video Design

Uniquely made video, featuring all requested elements of your brand and messaging. Post it on your website and social media platforms.

One-Time Fee


Unlimited Video Design
2 active projects at a time

Unlimited Design Services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or an established business, we’ll help you save time and money with unlimited design service!

Per Month


All plans come with 3-5 business day turnaround. $50 rush fee if needed in quicker time.

What we do amazingly well:

  •   Social Media Video Ads
  •   Feed & Story Videos
  •   Combine/Edit Raw Footage
  •   Transcribe Videos - 2 Minutes
  •   Add SRT Captions - 5 Minutes
  •   Cinemagraphs
  •   Basic & Advanced GIFs
  •   Simple Character Animation
  •   Adding Thumbnails
  •   Event Promo/Recap
  •   Openers/Titles
  •   Meme Style
  •   Text Overlays
  •   Animated Logos/Openers
  •   Animate Static Designs
  •   And Much More…

What we don't do:

  •   Shoot Videos or Images
  •   Advanced Animations
  •   Storyboard
  •   Whiteboard Videos
  •   Advance Animated Explainers
  •   Marketing Strategy
  •   Copywriting



  • What is short-form video content?

    Short-form video content is anything short enough to hold a viewer’s attention span, but long enough to get your point across in an engaging way. Typically, this lands in the 15 seconds to two minute time frame.

  • What details should my video request include?

    Include these details for the best results: logo, slogans, taglines, preferred colors, inspiration images (upload files), inspiration videos (provide links) and text copy. The more descriptive you can be, the fewer revisions will be required. In our unlimited package, we graciously offer free stock photos.

  • How do I submit and manage my requests?

    Inside your Novae customer dashboard, you'll gain access to our online video request submission form. You'll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will guide your project through processing, revisions and to completion.

  • How long do requests take to complete?

    On average, returns on video requests are 3-5 business days from the time of request.

  • I have a really time-sensitive request. What do I do?

    If a request is especially time-sensitive, you can indicate this when submitting your request details, along with a $50 rush fee. We'll bump your order up in the queue and advise you of the delivery time.

  • What does "unlimited video design" mean?

    Unlimited video design service includes unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. This means that you can make as any requests as you'd like, and we'll work through them as quickly as possible. Once you submit your requests, your dedicated Project Manager will review them, to ensure we have all the details required. Then they'll assign them to your dedicated video team.

    We work on 2 active projects at time. By default, your requests will be completed in the order you submit them. But if you ever need to change the order, or prioritize a certain task, or tasks, you can do so by letting our Project Manager know.

    And as we work together, and get to know your brand(s) and vision better, the review and revision process will get faster and faster. So you'll be able to get an increasing number of design projects completed, and only ever pay our flat monthly fee.


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